PELAIRES. Planta 1
Jordi Alcaraz. Calella, Barcelona, 1963."The mechanism of a sundial"
The artist hides, voluntarily disappears surrendering the protagonism to the matter that comes to life to talk to us about the essence of things, everything that cannot be expressed in words: attitude, gesture, delicacy . . .
The works are “beings"; created within a framework that serves as their backbone and that Alcaraz structures with everyday objects that change their identity. Painting moves, vibrates, plays with light, with time and with limits, or the negation of them seeking to achieve an environment of freedom where everything is possible.

PEP LLABRÉS Art Contemporani
Ruben Torras. Barcelona, 1978. "Kinematics"
With a sense of humour Ruben Torras explores the disturbing side of everyday life through images he recovers from the past and giving them a new life by merging them with current digital images, painting and graphic design. As a result, he obtains impossible landscapes in which we nevertheless recognize architectural elements, film frames or geometric figures.
Where is the barrier between the documentary and the fictitious or between simulation and reality? The artist with his work opens a door for the spectator to reflect on the answer.

ABAArt Lab
Rafel Joan. Palma, Mallorca, 1957. "Painting"
The Arnau Pons’ phrase “Painting is the painter and the painter is what he paints" could not be more true in this case. Rafel Joan looks in so he can see out. Painting is a way for him to make himself seen and to relate to the world. He does so with a very personal language that is born of both anger and contemplative stillness. Movement and light are two constants in his work. Through his landscapes, whether seen from a cave, an ultralight plane or from under the sea, he searches for light, decomposes it forming chiribitas and then recomposes it again. Moves the horizon, plays with perspective, experiments without losing the pure gaze, the expert gesture and the poetry of the authentic

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