Horrach Moyà
PEP GIRBENT. Sòller, Mallorca, 1966 "
As a conceptual artist, Girbent creates artworks from images extracted from classical cinema, other masterpieces from art history, the Internet or his own imagination to break established values such as authenticity, originality and property. He intends to provoke, play with the observer placing him in unclassifiable scenarios where what seems irrelevant takes the limelight. His artworks are an invitation to awakening from the mental lethargy which we are under.

Fran Reus. Planta baixa
ARNO BECK. Bonn, Germany, 1985. "Delete history"
His approach on experimental printmaking and conceptual painting fluctuates towards the interaction between the virtual world of computers and traditional art tecniques. Arno Beck produces analogically what is generated digitally. His hands interfere in machine’s procedures to humanize them, slowing the process of creation. With this method, certainly not lacking humour, the artista attempts to reactivate the “aura” of the artworks during the times of image inflation.

Fran Reus. planta -1
M REME SILVESTRE. Alicante, Spain, 1992. "[...] passar, rebre, fer i desfer [...] In her creations she adresses insatisfaction, anxiety, uncertainty, pleasure and desire through installations in which the viewer is forced to establish a physical relationshio with the artwork thus generating a tense context. M Reme Silvestre induces, with her work, the viewer to thinking about how technology and economy condition our physical and corporal perception.

ALBA SUAU, Palma, 1997. "Dentro"
Interior and exterior islands, seen from isolation, from all possible perspectives: two- and three-dimensional spaces, above and below, inside and outside. The randomness of stains that mimic the colour of the reality that surrounds them. Alba Suau builds its own islands, subtle places, atmospheres of serenity that captivate us and invite us to visit our own memory.

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