My name is Montse Torras. I hold a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sant Jordi in Barcelona and for twenty eight years I have been professionally involved in contemporary art and culture's broad spectrum.
Since my arrival in Mallorca, on 1992, I have worked as a teacher in Aula Balear, at the school of Design Blau or hired by the UCTAIB for Gianni Rodari. Yet, my professional career has been mainly focused on jobs such as responsable of communication, cultural manager, mediator, technician or curator at the Pilar and Joan mirós Foundation, CaixaForum Palma, Sociocultural Centre Flassaders and Pelaires Gallery.
Seven years ago I founded IntroArt, a personal project which has as its purpose to put contemporary art at everyone's reach. I believe that it is a fascineiting world that hands us the opportunity to get to know the infinite perspectives that exist regarding all that surrounds us and that it nurtures as stimulating our imagination.
Passion and sensitibity are two characteristics that I identify with and that drive me to organise EAE-Enriching Aesthetical Experiences-. Exclusive insights, tailored and destined contemporary art lovers who want to live a unique and direct experience with art and its artists.
If you would like to get to know me better, please feel free to read my cv or contact me.